So Good that you forget it's Healthy
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A Good Food Award Finalist

Cali Granola strives to provide health minded delicious baked goods that support a busy lifestyle. Embracing the philosophy of ‘you are what you eat,’ Cali Granola believes that good food choices lead to a healthy body and mind. All natural, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, high in protein and whole grain fiber, but most importantly, oh so incredibly delicious. Something this wonderful is indeed gift-worthy to yourself and your loved ones. While we specialize in granola, Chef Sonia's inventive brain can't help but continually invent new products to share!

Where to buy

Cali Granola is sold in stores all around Southern California or directly through this website


"News about healthy food and life"

Chef Sonia’s Granola Company gets a new name, fresh look, same great taste.

Chef Sonia’s is now Cali Granola. Yeah. The company logo was painted by my daughter at age 8. The charm […]

Simple Guacamole

Are you ready for Taco Tuesday?

BBQ Chicken Pizza

A delicious and healthy recipe that's easy to make with your kids


Make a delicious calzone or fill it with your favorite breakfast foods for an easy morning meal!


The granola is such a great gift!

Christina, Temple City

It's so good that I hide it from my kids

April, Sylmar

My husband loves the original granola and eats it everyday

Chloe, Glendale

About Chef Sonia

Chef Sonia’s started off in a family kitchen with one main focus: to give delicious homemade gifts that were made with the best ingredients and amazing recipes. Not only were these goodies healthy, they tasted so good that they were, indeed, gift worthy. Chef Sonia’s wanted a company logo that was warm and charming. Hence, all of the logos were created and painted by Sonia’s daughter who was 8 at the time. The brochure, tech support and social media handled by Sonia’s son. In 2013...