Chef Sonia’s started off in a family kitchen with one main focus: to give delicious homemade gifts that were made with the best ingredients and amazing recipes. Not only were these goodies healthy, they tasted so good that they were, indeed, gift worthy.

Chef Sonia’s wanted a company logo that was warm and charming. Hence, all of the logos were created and painted by Sonia’s daughter who was 8 at the time. The brochure, tech support and social media handled by Sonia’s son.

In 2013, Chef Sonia’s launched Granola by the Handful. The Original Blend was our first signature item. The cinnamon cranberry maple flavor was a hit and began to have a fan club.

More than just an average cereal, our granola is full of health benefits from the high fiber whole grains, protein, antioxidants, omega-3, 7 amino acids, flavonoids, phytonutrients, to the prebiotics. But the best part of all is the taste.

Soon afterwards, a completely unique granola come to the market in: The One and Only Jalapeno Granola by the Handful. It starts out like a Churro with the cinnamon and maple syrup then the heat from the all natural jalapeno peppers tickles the back of your mouth. It makes for an amazing ice cream topping.

Next in our gourmet offerings came a great solution to breakfast on the go: Chef Sonia’s Breakfast Bites. It combines all the ingredients you would find in a great bowl of oatmeal in a portable homemade granola bar. Perfect for when you only have time for a bite on the run.

I’ve been giving this granola as gifts for years before launching it as a company. People would ask for more saying, “You got my kids to eat oats and like it. They are asking for more granola.” As my daughter said, “if it’s healthy and taste bad kids won’t eat it.” My products are all healthy and delicious. Problem solved. My next goal is to turn the tide on the rising epidemic of childhood obesity. My granola is a high fiber food. Kids love the flavors and crunch of my granola and nuts. Kids love the breakfast bites cause all kids like a cookie for breakfast. So my products give them what they need to be healthy in a product that they want.

We use only the finest ingredients, proudly support other American businesses, partner with great locations, pack healthy nutrients to fuel your busy day, and last but not least, taste terrific. Thank you for supporting our family business.

Munch in Good Health.